We’ve crunched the numbers influencing top executives to question current business models. Has productivity suffered due to an unprecedented count of Americans working from home?

Water cooler talk may not be taking place in the new workplace environment. Regardless, is added distraction waning on employee productivity in this COVID imposed home office climate? Cause for concern in the early adaptation to this new environment is understandable. None-the-less, top-performing executives are being taken aback by analytics demonstrating a minimal detrimental change in employee productivity.

Times are changing – is productivity?

This New York Times article (2020) provides meaningful commentary from executives on the impact on employee productivity while working from home. Affirm’s Chief Executive, Max Levchin and founder of PayPal is referenced stating, “There was a period of high energy, high output, where nothing could stand between you and the tasks you want to accomplish,” when asked of commencement of employee home-work.” He added, “All of us went into this hyper-productivity drive. It was like we were back in a start-up.” Of course, this supports the success of one company. This raises the question, how are the majority of American companies fairing while employees work from home?

Is an increase in productivity while working from home the norm?

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Of interest to the matter, new data imparts staggering results in employee productivity though forced t work from home. According to statistics pulled by Alliance Virtual Offices, “Although 23% of professionals reported lower productivity when working from home, 32% said their productivity remained the same, and 45% believe that they got more work done when working from home.”  Excitingly, these numbers affirm an uptick in productivity. What’s more, 78% of these employers are seeing an increase or equivalency to pre-lockdown productivity.

And that’s not all, many companies are beginning to consider allowing their employees to work from home on a part or full-time basis per respective results. A CNN report (2020) points to big-name companies taking part in this radical pivot. From Facebook to Box and most ironically, Slack, it seems productivity may virtually not be of concern.

Question is, why are employees equally, or more productive while working from home?

Harvard Business Review is keeping the world up to date on interesting statics on this topic. What does it all boil down to? This review (2020) imparts several key factors that lend to notable potential influence on productivity levels. From a 12% reduction in meeting times to tasks feeling less tiresome, employees may better manage workloads accordingly.

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Additionally, reduction in meeting times and focused concentration may allow employees to better manage their quality of life. From quick walks to the kitchen, to readily available food and beverages, employees may manage energy levels through nutrition more readily than in the office cafeteria. In support of home offices, food service companies and ready-to-drink beverage purveyors are recognizing a need for convenient nutrition for employees working from home. Contactless options are being developed such as Güdpod Immune Boosting Smoothies and added groceries from delivery partners such as Uber.

What critical company functions depend upon employee wellbeing?

With wellbeing at the forefront of society, executives are being forced to consider employee wellness. From environmental health threats to sedentary living, productivity is being tested by a global climate that may pose a threat to employee performance. Corporate wellness programs as they were may not be possible. Which begs the question, how do corporations and executives support employee wellbeing during these times? From company physical activity guides to recommendations of breaks and wellness measures, leaders may be forced to assess work-life balance and invest in health-supporting products to support productivity.

Güdpod Corp. is streamlining access to superior nutrition to support the productivity of employees working from home.

On the topic of nutrition, it is stated by World Health Organization (WHO) ’s website, “People with adequate nutrition are more productive” followed by further interesting snippets on the benefits of proper nutrition. According to Miguel Gonzalez Jr., V.P Sales, Güdpod, “This is why Güdpod Corp. is streamlining our services and offerings. Through contactless delivery, we’re able to ship our wellness pods and mixing technology right to employee homes. Our pods mix powdered nutrition in sixty seconds or less. When referencing WHO messaging on the importance of nutrition for productivity, we consider this essential to employees working from home.”

Güdpod is even offering subscription programs for employees and creating partnerships with companies looking to simplify employee nutrition in support of productivity. Mr. Gonzalez imparts, “It just makes sense. We have a lineup of wellness smoothies including Superfoods, Immune Boosting Probiotic Shakes, and Protein Shakes. We’re able to accomplish so much in the day due to this machine, and we want to make it easier for our fellow employees working from home.” A short few months ago, Güdpod was entering offices across America. Instead, they’re sending their blender technology and wellness drinks, direct to the homes of employees hard at work ‘behind the screens.’

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Will companies continue to maintain productivity levels in the coming months?

The above-mentioned results show company and employee productivity levels thriving despite working from home. The future is the piece still left in question. Will companies maintain productivity levels? Will employees remain engaged? Considering recent statistics provided by Global Workplace Analytics, it seems that companies may be compelled to consider doing what it takes to uphold output due to the cost savings of employees working from home. Kate Lister, President of Global Workplace Analytics shared, “Work-at-home will save U.S. employers over $30 Billion a day in what would have otherwise been lost productivity during office closures due to COVID-19.” Further to this, the current global health crisis may dictate how companies proceed in the near future. Outside threats may continue to force employees to stay home, and employers to keep on top of productivity.

How are you keeping your employee productivity levels soaring? What will you do to support productivity in the coming months?
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