Shakes, made easy

Choose a Güdpod blend you want to make and insert it into the Güdpod machine. Place the Güdpod cup, filled with your favorite liquid, into the machine, press drink size, then the start button, and watch it blend.

Variety to meet your personal & changing needs.

Not matter what type of supplement you are looking for you will be able to get in a Güdpod. Whey protein, Casein, weight loss shakes and more.

Quick & Easy
No More Lugging Around Tubs of Whey

Güdpod is the easiest way to take protein shakes, & all of our pods are 100% recyclable.

Innovative Design
Cool, Sleek, Designed to fit your lifestyle.

Designed with you in mind. Our simple, quiet machines have a small footprint to fit in any kitchen and under every kitchen cabinet.

No Contamination
No Mess, No Cleanup, No Maintenance

The Güdpod machine does not have a water tank to fill where bacteria and junk can grow. There is no maintenance or clean up; the machine never comes into contact with the beverage.

Best Ingredients
Non-GMO, No rBST or rBGH, Organic

Güdpods are made with only the highest quality premium ingredients and are all certified organic & Non-GMO. Our whey & casein are not treated with rBST or rBGH. We also offer vegan, gluten free, and kosher Güdpods.



The Güdpod machine is one of a kind – designed specifically for nutritional supplementation. The Güdpod machine can blend any type of supplement, from any brand, with our pods. It is simple, quiet, and requires no maintenance. The Güdpod machine does not hold fluid, but rather blends the pods right in your cup that you fill with water, milk, or whatever you choose. There is nothing to clean but the cup you are drinking from, and nothing to clean in the machine.

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The Güdpod.

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    The Güdpod

    A Güdpod has two functions. First it is a single serving, vacuum-sealed, light sensitive, BPA free, recyclable portion pack that stores your supplements and keeps them fresh. However, when inserted into the Güdpod machine, the Güdpod’s second important function is revealed. In essence, the Güdpod is also a single use blender in a pod.  As the Güdpod machine opens a Güdpod, the ingredients are dispersed into the liquid. Proprietary blades then descend into the liquid, mixing the supplements into your drink, blending it to perfection.

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    The Best Ingredients

    If it’s found in our Güdpods, it is good for you. All of our formulations are made of only the highest quality ingredients – Non-GMO, Organic, Grass-Fed, and free from rBST & rBGH.

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    Right Where You Need It

    The Güdpod machine will soon be available to purchase at your favorite big box retailer or right here on our website. Güdpods come in packs of varying quantities to fit your needs, but you will also soon find Güdpods at your local gym where they can be purchased individually and used with the gym’s Güdpod machine.

Gudpod Whey Protein, Casein Protein Pre Workout Shakes thirty day supply

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