We all know someone who can’t swallow pills…

According to the Mayo Clinic, our esophagus narrows as we age, Harvard medial school says swallowing pills make 1 in 3 people to “gag, vomit or choke.” We all know someone that can’t swallow pills. My mother was a MLM vitamin distributor and would get me to help her cut her vitamins in half so she could swallow them. Recently my parents moved into a independent living facility so I got them three pill boxes each so I wouldn’t have to fill them but once every three weeks. These pill boxes looked like a weekly calendar with compartments labeled: morning, noon, evening, bed. I soon realized that swallowing is only one aspect of pill fatigue, as organizing and sorting them made me want to pull my hair out.

Despite the fatigue, I had a great sense of satisfaction when I finished filling those six pill organizers for the first time, but I was completely perplexed by what I saw when I returned after the first three weeks to refill them. From what I could tell it seemed like when my parents took their medicine was sporadic at best. Some days they took all the pills because the row of boxes were completely empty, other days it seemed like they only took one of or two of their four doses. When I confronted my parents, I discovered a problem I hadn’t anticipated, pill fatigue wasn’t just swallowing, organizing or sorting but just remembering to take the damn things.

I created güdpod because I believe that one day we will be able to deliver customized vitamins and supplements in a pod so we can eliminate pill fatigue by putting all those ingredients in a pod for people to get their customized nutrients in a drink.

We recently partnered with Glanbia in Sports Nutrition, but are looking for companies with great brands who are interested in partnering with us for products that address pill fatigue and other needs nutritional needs including vitamins, weight loss, irritable bowel syndrome, geriatric, bariatric surgery, etc. If you are interested please direct message me or email me at gc@gudpod.com.

Gian-Carlo Ochoa Ph.D.

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