The advent of 2020 saw the rise of the deadliest pandemic since the Spanish Flu. Experts claim boosting our immune system is an important goal we should all strive for while confined at home. While no Covid-19 antidote appears on the short-term horizon, nor does a timeline for a vaccine, strong immunity is one way that will help protect us against viruses and deplete their stronghold. At Güdpod we recognize the right supplements can assist in healthy living and in some cases healing.

In light of this assertion, what are you doing to make nutrition more accessible for yourself and your loved ones? Güdpod knows that growing kids need a balanced diet. We provide creative choices offering simple, fun and tasty options for even the pickiest eaters. For pre or post-surgery seniors or when appetites are lost, caregivers can use Güdpod Functional Beverages. They can be served between meals as a snack or supplement to add calories and nutrients to the senior’s diet.

For homemakers, it’s a hassle sorting through endless piles of recommended vitamins, supplements, vegetables, and fruits needed for daily nutrition. It may at times seem impossible to count and keep track of the pills and medication for every member of the house.

Convenience vs. Health

For many people, healthy eating has always been less accessible than unhealthy junk food. Individual supplements targeting individual health concerns can lead to confusion, frustration and an overall bad experience.

Moreover, concocting healthy beverages from scratch requires equipment and all the ingredients…tubs of nutritional supplements, a blender, a drinking glass, and a lot of clean-up! This labour-intensive process becomes repetitious drudgery quickly while yielding inconsistent taste profiles and eating up a great deal of time. The fact is convenience often trumps health for many of us. The good news here is that Gudpod provides you with both – health and convenience!

Our reliance on fast food also stems from our need for quick and easy solutions. Making home-cooked meals every day and washing the dishes is a burden! Isn’t it easier to just order in? We’re all guilty of this, especially amidst our fast-paced lives.

Your Access to ‘Gud’ Health

Güdpod realized a stark gap in the market. Why does health have to be so inaccessible that we end up relying on food and beverages that we know are not good for us? This problem became even more grave when we were faced with the Coronavirus, which impacted everyone differently based on their health and immunity.

This is a wake-up call for us to make significant changes to our lifestyles and get the right amount of nutrition for longevity. Realizing this need, Güdpod technology delivers a positive experience for the consumer by providing a mixing system with Functional Beverages in a single-serve pod. Our pods offer a wide variety of Nutritional options customized for modern dietary demands. The pods are fast, fun and an easy way to help meet one’s daily nutrient requirements.

All this while avoiding cross-contamination as the Güdpod beverage mixing system does not physically interface with any part of the pod.   Accordingly, the user of the Güdpod beverage mixing system does not have to clean the moving mechanical structures from consecutive usages of one pod to another, nor need to worry about cross-contamination of any material contained within one pod to another. The pod is one-time use and is 100% recyclable.

Pick a pod, select your favorite pairing liquid (water, almond milk, soy or coconut milk etc.), and press play. In less than 60 seconds, you have a healthy Functional Beverage. The best part is, the flavor is the same every time. In the time it would take you to wash a blender once Güdpod can make Functional Beverages for the whole family.

Make this a part of your lifestyle to get unlimited, easy access to good health. Güdpod helps to nourish your potential.

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