What are Ready to Drink “Nutritional” Beverages?

Ready to Drink (RTD) “nutritional” beverages have become a helpful part of busy people’s everyday lives. They can be used as a supplement for those whose diets may not be providing all the nutrition they need, like seniors or children. Some use ready to drink nutritional beverages as a snack to refuel before their next meal. Students rushing to their next class, or parents rushing with the kids to the next activity – there are so many reasons why someone might choose the quick, and easy boost of one of these on-the-go beverages.

Unfortunately a lot of these RTD “nutritional” drinks from chain stores and vending machines are packed full of sugar and additives, tend to be quite costly, and have a significant environmental impact. Although it may be convenient, and helpful for people looking for a nutritional boost during the day, Güdpod wants to offer something better. Our Güdpod mixing machine and Functional Beverage options are here to help guide you to a solution for all of these problems! Let us offer something better for you, your wallet, and for the planet.

Our patented pods are one-time use and 100% recyclable. Humans currently produce over 300 million tons of plastic every year, 50% of which is for single-use purposes.[1] One of our goals at Güdpod is to reduce our impact on the planet, encouraging users to use their reusable vessels with our machine! We are mindful, conscientious consumers, and while we care about our own health, we also consider the health and well-being of our planet! Instead of throwing away countless plastic bottles, cans, and containers, we have a better, simpler solution in our recyclable pods.

Güdpod is Fast, Easy, and Sustainable!

One of the coolest things about Güdpod, if you couldn’t tell by their name, are their patented pods. Unlike the countless tubs of protein and other “RTD” nutritional products that come in powders, Güdpod provides precision dosing in single-serve options. Helping you eliminate any need to measure – avoiding excessive and wasteful amounts of product used, as well as inconsistent tastes. We aren’t your traditional chalky, chunky shake! Our pods are here to show you how much better RTD beverages can be!

From inception the folks at Güdpod took into consideration all of their packaging: from the label to the Pod! All our pods are 100% Recyclable, and made of FDA Food Grade Polypropylene [2]. In addition to being one of the top FDA approved food contact materials, it is nonvolatile, meaning it will not react with any type of ingredient we place inside the pods. This ensures maximum quality of the product inside, and keeps you and your family safe!

Güdpod technology also strives to provide a food safe experience by avoiding cross-contamination. Our patented beverage mixing system never physically interfaces with any part of the pod! With most RTD beverages made at home you have to clean out a whole blender, shake cup, or blender bottle! The Güdpod system allows you to make drink after drink without ever using a dishwasher or sink!

Simply better. Simply good. Simply Güdpod.

The Güdpod mixing system is so easy to use. Three easy steps will have you on your way to safe, delicious, Functional Beverages that not only taste good, but are good for you. Simply insert a pod, select Functional Beverage size, add your preferred liquid to your chosen vessel, and press Start! Sixty seconds later and your beverage is ready, with no messy cleanup. Simple, fast, contact-less, nutritious!

Whether you want a pre- or post-workout boost of energy, or a healthy snack alternative, Güdpod has an option for you! Before Güdpod it wasn’t easy to make Functional Beverages in under a minute. The mess and time involved in making smoothies or juices at home sometimes just isn’t worth it! Enter Güdpod! Once you have the Güdpod in your home, you will be able to enjoy the convenience of our Functional Beverages in just moments. We all live busy lives, but we know we need to take the time to take care of ourselves. Let us help you make life easier!

With a wide range of nutritional options and delicious flavors, Güdpod wants to promote good health and wellness, but without all the extra steps! Whether it’s a burst of energy, a boost of protein or vitamins, or just a healthy snack option for the family, let Güdpod take the mess and stress out of RTD nutritional beverages!


[1] https://plasticoceans.org/the-facts/#:~:text=We%20are%20producing%20over%20300,at%20least%20several%20hundred%20years.&text=We%20have%20developed%20a%20%E2%80%9Cdisposable,just%20once%20and%20thrown%20away. [2] https://www.compliancenaturally.com/blog-page/2018/3/8/which-plastics-are-considered-food-grade-safe#:~:text=Polypropylene%20(PP)&text=PP%20plastics%20have%20been%20approved,by%20the%20FDA%20in%202013.

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