It wasn’t very long ago I made the decision to start including more fruits and vegetables into my diet.

I’m often known as the person that eats incredibly well.
However, limiting my access to grocery stores and out-of-house adventures threw me back into the cycle of ordering takeout. From there, I’m ashamed to say it graduated to fast food, and junk. I still include a multivitamin in my daily regimen, but, it certainly did not replace the taste and satisfaction of fruit and vegetables. I have so been missing my weekend trips to the farmers market where I’d stock up on an array of colorful cuisine.

I must say, the farmer’s market trips were commonly taken to load up on ingredients for my daily smoothie. As much as the market experience was enjoyable, it was quite time consuming. And, right now, not at all possible. In addition, creating my morning smoothie was taxing in and of itself. From how long it look to prepare and dice the fruit and vegetables, to de-seed, and blend them all up, this often cut into my “me”, or down-time.

I recently had a fleeting thought that maybe smoothies weren’t anything to miss at all.
From not having enough time in the morning to get up and make myself a smoothie, to the exorbitant costs, did I really miss it that much? Further to this, most of what I purchased would turn sour before I could even make the smoothies I wanted.

Not too long ago, I went to a morning workout in the park.
One of the participants was enjoying an incredible looking smoothie. So began my smoothie cravings again! I had to ask where she was getting her ingredients from in the off chance she had the secret. Turns out, she ordered her smoothie online from a company called Güdpod and all my smoothie wishes were answered! They even had Vegan options!

Güdpod mixing system blends nutritious powered nutrition from REAL food.
This meant I could get the fruit and vegetable smoothies I’ve been longing for, without even having to leave my house. I went onto gudpod.com and added the machine to my cart. Not only did I receive an offer for a FREE $50 Gift Card, I was given a coupon code for TWO FREE PACKS of their functional beverage pods after checkout!Güdpod
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It turns out I had been spending way too much money on fresh produce. It’s actually a little disheartening how expensive healthy eating can be! None the less, I was adamant on including fresh fruit and vegetables in my diet. I have to say, I’m glad I didn’t give up. Caring for my wellbeing is now more important than ever.

| Güdpod has proven to be the cost effective smoothie solution I was looking for.

I have to mention, I was a little weary of trying out a Gudpod Smoothie.
The incentives were spot on, but, what really matters is the flavor. Regardless, I went for it due to this woman’s personal testament to the taste. For the price, it didn’t feel like a big risk. In addition, Güdpod offers a thirty day money back guarantee which made this purchase a no brainer.

I received TWO FREE PACKS OF PODS with my shipment!
I went for the Kale & Apple Superfood Smoothie and the Berry Beet Burst. I also added a pack of Cookies ‘N Cream Probiotic Weapon because, are you kidding me? And the flavor? They are absolutely delicious. The right amount of sweetness, the perfect texture and smoothness. But, the best part…

Your tasty smoothie is ready in 60 seconds or less!

Turns out they have even more amazing offers right now. 
In addition to the $50 Gift Card and two free packs of pods, you can sign-up to receive 20% OFF your FUTURE POD ORDERS! As a returning client, I’m also eligible for this coupon code. Pretty sweet!
So, I’m here to say that there really isn’t anything to lose, but a whole lot of güdness to gain with Güdpod.

Here’s to your güd health!

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