Company Expands Global IP Portfolio for its Revolutionary Functional Beverage System


Newburgh, NY October 30, 2018 – Güdpod, developer and manufacturer of a revolutionary pod-based functional beverage system, announced today it will be granted its fifth and sixth U.S. utility patents and its first U.S. design patent on technology housed in the first-of-its-kind “blender in a pod.” The company also holds patents and patents pending on the technology in Australia, Asia and the European Union.

“From the beginning, we invested in developing and protecting our intellectual property because we knew what we had was special and that it would invite replication,” said Gian-Carlo Ochoa, Ph.D., founder and executive chairman, Gudpod Corp. “As a result, we’re several steps ahead of any potential competitors and we will maintain that advantage by actively defending our existing IP while simultaneously investing in ongoing development.”

The newest patents in the IP portfolio provide additional protection for the innovative technology featured in the pod, as well as the machine that activates it. Güdpod’s unique “blender-in-a-pod” is poised to receive an additional patent for its multiple partitioned sub-cavities, each of which is able to contain different materials, enabling the formulation of multi-ingredient nutraceutical, medical and OTC beverages. The utility patent on the Güdpod machine addresses multiple assets, including isolation of the shaft that drives the blending technology, ensuring it doesn’t come in contact with the beverage, as well as the device’s unique technology that locks the pod into place and unlocks it at the end of the cycle.

“As our engineering team continues to innovate around our very unique technology, we are creating exciting, functional improvements for our customers,” said Brendan Duffy, vice president of engineering at Gudpod, Corp. “Güdpod’s patent portfolio provides broad and growing protection of these innovations in the marketplace, for us as well as our retail and branded ingredient partners, while strengthening our access to global markets.”

About Güdpod

Similar in concept to a single serve coffee system that uses brewer-pods, Güdpod pods are a miniature blender-in-a-pod; the blades are actually in the pod. When inserted into the Güdpod machine, the pod descends and opens, releasing the ingredients directly into a liquid, like water or juice. Blender blades then mix the ingredients to perfection in about 40 seconds. Güdpod takes the mess out of making nutritional beverages because the blending system is self-contained within the pod; there are no blades, blending container or rubber gasket to clean. Güdpod can be used with any liquid – such as water or any kind of milk or juice. The pods are 100% recyclable, unlike pods used in other systems.

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