Performix® Pro Whey +


Protein with
Time-Release Amino Beads
Extended Muscle Protein Synthesis
Tri-Phase Amino Release
Amplified Strength & Recovery
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  • Performix™ knows the work doesn’t end at the last rep. Their unique blend of premium proteins, combined with their tri-phase amino release, work together to enhance muscle protein synthesis for hours after you leave the gym to maximize growth and recovery.

    Premium Protein Blend: Amplifying growth demands more than just whey. Performix’s precise blend of performance proteins combines quick, moderate and slow-digesting proteins to elevate muscle protein synthesis for an extended period. Only cold processed and ultra-filtered whey are used to preserve top quality and minimize protein breakdown. The diversification of the formulation allows you to maximize your absorption and your gains.

    Tri-Phase Amino Release: Performix Pro Whey+ is infused with a dynamic blend of BCAA’s and our exclusive Performix ISO beads. Terra Intelligent Dosing ensures a steady stream of aminos for a feeling of power you can tap into whenever you need it.

    performix chocolate pro protein
    Performix Pro Whey+ Chocolate Protein
    gudpod performix good pod cookies & cream
    Performix Pro Whey+ Cookies & Cream Protein
    vanilla goodpod performix protein pro
    Performix Pro Whey+ Vanilla Protein



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    Chocolate, Cookies & Cream, Vanilla


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