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The Gudpod Machine

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Güdpod is a new pod based supplement delivery platform for protein shakes, BCAAs, pre & post workout shakes, meal replacements, green drinks, weight management shakes and much more. The Güdpod® (“good pod”) system consists of the Güdpod® machine along with our pods, called “Güdpods®” and our calibrated drinking cup.

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  • The Güdpod machine is a POD-based technology for the delivery of nutritional supplements. The Güdpod machine delivers the same ease and convenience of popular single serve coffee makers, only for protein shakes like whey, casein, and blended proteins, BCAAs, meal replacements, pre and post workout shakes and much more. Place Your Pre-Order Today and receive free shipping, a $20 value!

    The Güdpod® “Pod” is a miniature blender in a pod. It is pre-filled with the powdered supplement of your choice. Each pod is single use, BPA free & 100% recyclable. Pods come packaged in boxes of individually pre-filled pods with a variety of flavors and quantities to fit all your needs.

    The Güdpod® Machine, Güdpod®, and Güdcup™ platform work together to blend a perfect shake every time. Just load a Güdpod® into the machine then place the Güdpod® cup, filled with the beverage of your choice, into position and press start. In less than 60 seconds, a perfect shake is blended. There is no water reservoir in the machine – the only cleanup required is the Güdpod® cup which is BPA free and dishwasher safe.

    Many powdered supplements and brands are soon to be available in Güdpods® including Ultimate Nutrition Prostar Whey, IsoCool, other whey protein, casein protein, BCAAs, pre-workout, post-workout, and meal replacement shakes. Check back for information on what brands are currently available in Güdpods®.

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    Dimensions18.5 x 12.5 x 12.5 in
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