Updated: Apr 10, 2019

In the design of single serve portion packs, folks in the food and beverage industry have long sought to strike a satisfactory balance among numerous competing product requirements including ingredient protection, durability, shelf life, disposal of packaging materials, cost, compliance with IP claims and the ability to display branding and product information. That’s a big order for a small package… and that’s just for starters.

With today’s growing focus on personalized nutrition, add to this complex list of packaging requirements the newly-conceptualized benefit for single serve portion packs to accommodate precision dosing, ingredient identification and tracking. It’s a complex list of demands on what was originally intended to be a background component…a supporting cast member with a small footprint to showcase the portion pack’s contents…not the star of the show.

Güdpod’s challenge was to develop a portion pack designed to accommodate a broad array of ingredients and meet all these competing performance requirements at minimal cost with minimal environmental impact.  

So we flipped the script – and developed a patented single-serve pod that IS the star of the show.

Güdpod’s unique Blender Pod strikes an essential balance with an emphasis on performance and function in a beautifully simple and elegant design. Injection molded from 100% food grade polypropylene, the Blender Pod has a capacity of about 100ml (3.38 fluid ounces) and is 100% recyclable. The Blender Pod can accommodate an extensive range of nutraceuticals including vitamin and mineral supplements, proteins and peptides, herbs and botanicals, collagens, pre- and pro-biotics, fruit and vegetable extracts and many others. It provides a sizable 10.3 square inches of branding real estate and is compatible with a variety of labels, shrink sleeves and printing technologies.

Güdpod didn’t stop with its first generation, however. Güdpod’s R&D team is proceeding with exploration and ongoing discovery in materials, mixing, personalized nutrition and more. Our pod will remain front and center as the leading touchpoint of our user interface.

It’s like we’ve been saying for a while… Güd things are happening… stay tuned!

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