The Güdpod Mission

It is our goal to bring fast, mess-free, and contactless nutrition into the homes of America.  We believe that everyone should have access to superior nutrition at the press of a button. With meticulous care, we package top quality fresh cut and ground ingredients into smoothies and wellness shakes. 

We are focused on delivering full, incredible flavor to a variety of palettes. From Seniors, to Kids, Athletes, and Wellness Enthusiasts, we formulate smoothie solutions based on global needs.  

Where We're Headed

We continue to develop products to support the health and vitality of the wellness community. From Superfood Smoothies, to Immune Boosting Shakes, we are constantly developing healthy smoothie options. 

Flavor is at the forefront of our formulation process. We develop our healthy smoothies with tasty ingredients that appeal to the finicky of eaters. 

From Vanilla Bean, to Chocolate Gelato, Cookies ‘N Cream, and more, there is a flavor for everyone! 

A Sustainable Effort

Ensuring a lesser carbon footprint is important to us. 
Güdpod Wellness Pods are compact and 100% recyclable. 
Every machine ships with a reusable cup so Güdpod Wellness Shakes can be enjoyed time and time again with reduced waste.

Health Care

We see a future where taking supplements and medicine is simple. We envision our pods containing medicinal ingredients to provide an easy to swallow format for patients and those with specialized needs. 

Güdpod provides a contactless solution for hospitals, nursing homes, home health care, and wellness centers alike. 


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